Friday, January 7, 2011

0 There Are Breasts, and then there is Anna Ohura

Anna Ohura embodies what men think of when the words "breast fetish" come to mind. Imagine if you will, lying down on your bed, or maybe sitting in a nice plush easy chair, and in walks Anna. She peels off whatever little number she's wearing, and then proceeds to rub her D cup breasts back and forth across your face, encouraging you to touch, press, stroke, suckle, and squeeze her incredible bust.

Or you can imagine placing your face between her luscious globes and suffocating to death, which if you have to go, is surely a decent method.

To visit her site, click here
. Just a word of warning: the site says you can see all of the pictures and movies for free, but you have to sign up for Free Net Pass, which will bombard you with spam to the point of insensibility.


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