Monday, January 3, 2011

0 Red and Pink


I've been trying to avoid this, but couldn't help it this morning. There are about a zillion pictures of that gorgeous redhead, Ariel from Ariel's Blog (and about two dozen other sites) floating around the web and I REALLY didn't want to post more. But the title of this blog is "The Cream of Venus" and lets be honest, any man who doesn't find her near (or at) the top has got something wrong with them. She's beautiful. Okay, sure, her hair is dyed that color but seriously, do we actually care?

The sad part about all (or most) of the pictures I've posted here on The Cream of Venus, including Ariel's shots, is that there not actually "real". Color, makeup, lighting, maybe even photoshop work on some, have all changed what we view as beautiful. Take a look at some of Ariel's "real life" photos, where everything isn't optimized, and you might find reality a little less... scrumptious, than the above photos. Not that she isn't still beautiful, but maybe a little too angular in the face, a little too thin, and not every expression on her face is one of extreme sexual want. To be honest, I prefer reality.

I spent several minutes (like an hour) deciding which four pics from like ten different sets would best serve to exemplify Ariel's natural (or should I say "enhanced") beauty. Hope you like them.


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