Tuesday, January 4, 2011

0 Alluring Lia

Lia from Lia19.com is another one of those models whose pictures have flooded the internet porn scene. I was first "turned on" to Lia when I stumbled across one of her sample pictures (which I haven't been able to locate again and was lost during a computer virus event) that had her in a cutesy outfit of shorts and halter. She was lying face down and in the picture, certain parts of her were exposed. It was just the right combination of innocence and physical attractiveness that I find appealing. Lia has that ability to switch between cutesy or elegant at a moment's notice. Unlike my usual offerings, I chose shots from three different sets. The two at the top are of Lia playing miniature golf ( I just had to include the up close shot of her chest) and the other two are of Lia being a bit more mature and elegant. I like both. No matter what role she chooses to adopt, no one can argue that she is definitely a cream of Venus!

Update: The original photo I was mentioning almost assuredly came from the below photoset:


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