Wednesday, January 19, 2011

0 Baby Face

Occasionally you come across a woman whose face is so innocent, so pure, so lovely, and yet looks SO YOUNG, that you can't help feeling... a little odd. I really don't understand pedophilia. When I see a pretty 12 year old girl walk by, the first thing I usually think is "she's going to be really pretty some day." Sexual thoughts are repugnant at that point. Underage girls are like under ripe bananas: you can see the potential, but things just aren't right and you know, if you let the banana age, just a bit, it will be all that much sweeter.

That said I present "BabyJana" whose body is clearly that of an adult woman, but whose face looks like it got caught in a timewarp, preventing her from every leaving that under ripe banana stage. She's CUTE. Seriously cute. Awesomely cute. And she goes out of her way to keep it like that. But hey, I can go for cute. I Love Cute. So here is the gallery for the shots above. And here is her website. I'm going to go study up on "baby massage", hoping I can get a date.


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