Friday, October 21, 2011

0 Red Tipped - Nalli

Well this is certainly a difficult quandary. The young waif above is Nalli from Met-Art and as you can CLEARLY see, she is NOT a real red-head. The gallery above comes to us courtesy of and is actually TITLED Fake Redhead Nalli. My question? So what? I know of at least one other fake redhead and while she DOES shave it all completely to hide the fact that her Irish coloring comes from a bottle, look a the girl above and ask yourself, does it matter to you? Does it REALLY?

If anyone has read "The Arcade Series: Tower of Terror" (a pretty much vanilla erotica story), Nalli does a DAMN good job looking like the main character "Jacqueline" in that story. This story is also available (with a sequel starring Jacqueline) in my book "In the Dark (An Anthology)", available form and


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